"Guiding Whale" Limited Edition Giclee


"Guiding Whale" Limited Edition Giclee

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24" x 32" Gallery Wrapped Giclee

This is a unique original from Welzie, that contrasts his normal bold lines and cartooning style. The thinner strokes and lack of outlines create a softer more serene feel different from his traditional style.  This piece is the first adult and child whale painting Welzie has created, he calls it "Guiding Whale" after seeing an adult whale guiding a calf during whale season in Hawaii.  He was touched by the grace and beauty he saw in these magnificent sea creatures and brought it home by producing it on his favorite medium.

Limited Edition Artist Proof 1/5

Artist proofs are Giclee prints hand painted by the artist. Welzie selects 5 of the prints to go back in and add a touch more of color and detail making each one of these AP's unique and special.

Limited Edition Giclee Print 1/50

Our Giclee reproduction use the highest quality archival inks and the most current printing techniques to ensure vibrant and happy colors. These fine art prints are coated with a shiny finish making your limited edition reproduction last. The small edition size of 50 makes sure you get a piece of Welzie art at maximum value.


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