Handmade Silkscreened Prints 

We belive in colors. Our handmade silkscreen prints capture the vibrant colors and textures of Welzie Art. These wood and paper printsare a great way to mix and match your favorite Welzie pieces to personalize your own collection. Whether you're looking for an accent piece or a gift, we have something for everyone.

welzie whale

Silk Screen Technique

Handmade Silk screen printing is a technique using a silk mesh to transfer ink onto a surface. Traditionally this process is performed by hand and not machines and we continue this process at Welzie Art. Each Silk Screen Print is hand pulled, layering each color onto the surface of either wood chips or fine art paper.

welzie prints

Wood Prints

These unique silkscreen pieces are printed on wood and have so much variety of color and texture we shouldn't even be calling them prints. We have over 18 designs, making it hard to choose just one.

Paper Prints

Colors bounce off the page with these silkscreened paper prints. We use 100% cotton French paper and bright acrylic paint to hand make each piece. Available in standardized sizes.