"Flamingo Love"


"Flamingo Love"


11” x 14” Matted Print

"Flamingo Love"

I have done a few Flamingo studies in the past and its been rewarding getting better at portraying my pink friends. This piece is unique because the two Flamingos are facing each other sharing their love. And the background is two colors, purple over blue. The simplicity of the backgrounds gives so much more focus on the connection between the two Flamingos.

"Aloha Pineapple"

Matted prints are high quality reproductions of original Welzie Art printed on premium matted paper, giving these prints vibrant colors. Mounted on an 11” x 14” matted with a 8” x 10” art window. Each matted print is hand signed by Welzie. Prints come in a clear plastic sleeve and are ready to hang in standard sized frames.

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- 11" x 14" Matted Giclee print on fine art paper.

- Fits standard frame sizes.

- 8" x 10" Actual art window. 

- Hand Signed by Welzie

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