Original Fine Art

Hand made and polished to a glossy shine out of fiberglass resin and ink, these originals have a unique build up of layers and textures created with techniques Welzie has developed over 15 years of working in the medium. Each piece has a story, inspired by Welzie's quest for surf and fun in the sun. The true source for an happy inspiring piece of artwork? An inspired and happy artist. Welzie spends his days working in his studio at the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu's North Shore.

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Commision Work 

Let us take your story and turn it into a unique and custom piece of Welzie art made just for you. Welzie loves combining your ideas and his style to create a one of a kind, and personal piece for your home. 

New Landscape Pieces

Everyone has a place they love or feel connected to. Welzie landscapes take the beauty and backdrop of Hawaii and create brilliant statement pieces. Bring a little bit of paradise into your home.

Welzie Art at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa, Hawaii

Welzie Art at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa, Hawaii

"Waiamea Bay Look Out" Fiberglass, resin and ink 24" x 60"

"Waiamea Bay Look Out"

Fiberglass, resin and ink

24" x 60"

"Kailua Mokes" Fiberglass, Resin and Ink 30" x 38"

"Kailua Mokes"

Fiberglass, Resin and Ink

30" x 38"

"Makapuu" Fiberglass, resin, and ink 24" x 60"


Fiberglass, resin, and ink

24" x 60"

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How the Art is Made: The Process

     The process in which Original Welzie resin art is made is very unique. Over the course of a few years the way in which the paintings are made went through many experiments and many of those experiments led to full dumpsters of unusable art. Welzie has probably thrown away more art than some artists will ever create.

     His need for protection and quality are always pushing forward to develop the perfect piece of art. A quest that only he can say is complete.

     Paintings start out at home depot where wood is selected and cut into the desired size of the piece. At the Two Crows Surfboard Factory in the Waialua Sugar Mill, Welzie takes these pre cut pieces into the shop where the fiberglass and resin is applied. One layer of Fiberglass is then placed on the wood while white pigmented resin is combined to laminate the fiberglass, giving the wood a strong textured and bright white surfface to start with.

     Next color pigments are mixed into clear resin cups. This is when the color combinations start to take form and to see if each color will work with the others. Using colors from different parts of the Greyscale are the best way to create a dynamic and vibrant piece. The first layer of color is applied with a squeegee and the flat sharp edge allows for wide control over the high viscosity resin. The first and most dominant color of the piece generally sets the mood for the piece wether its a masculine, feminine, dar or happy, the squeegee step puts down the most color at one time. one or two colors can often be seen in the background and the way the two colors blend into each other is largely based on how quickly the two colors were applied to each other.

     Astericks, waves, dashes, drips, and spills are applied using different colors. Where the color sits on the grey scale and how the piece is supposed to feel plays a big role on which color is assigned to which stroke. The painting process can be a slow or fast process depending on what Welzie is trying to achieve. Some pieces the background plays a large role in the composition while some works the background is lost to the imagery in the foreground. Each Original piece is different and it is in this process of creation no two pieces are ever alike.

     Once Welzie has played down the color work a thin layer of clear resin is applied to smooth out the surface and allow for it to be sanded. In the surfboard world this process is called the “Hot Coat”

     The sanding process is dusty and dirty. Using a large grinder the sander flattens the piece allowing for colors that were painted over to come to the surface and make it difficult to know which color Welzie painted first or last.

     The smooth sanding surface is now the perfect texture and medium for Welzie’s custom collection of paint pens. Since his early teens Welzie used these pens to draw images on his friends surfboards which he continued to do for 15 years. Arriving on Oahu Welzie would draw on Professional Surfers boards who wanted to stand out from the pack. For Welzie it was a way to practice his style while getting free surf supplies. Along with a couple more waves out in the surf.

     Welzie illustraion style over the years has changed and developed. Today he spends a lot of time in his home studio drawing and erasing to create what it is he is looking for. “ There is so commitment to each line because it is so slow and difficult to erase” he says. Illustrations can take days and even weeks to achieve the loose and whimsical feeling of his painitngs.

     After the piece is laminated, painted, hot coated, sanded, and illustrated, the final layer of resin is applied. This is called “gloss coat” and is important and carefully step to keep the acrylic images protected and sealed into the piece. The smooth layer of resin brings the piece to life and allows for the piece to be sanded with the finest sand paper and polished with a buffing pad and compound to create the mioror like shine. The edges are cleaned up by hand and and remaining drips are removed. The finished piece is now ready to be signed by Welzie and mounted into a frame.