Colors For the Community

A lot of inspiration comes from Welzie’s travels as he searches for the perfect wave. On his surf trips he spends time in the community painting murals and adding some colors to their lives. Every year Welzie brings down “Art Kits” for the local kids who always gravitate towards Welzie and his projects. Complete with sketchbooks, pens, pencils, sharpeners, paints, brushes and scisors. the kids get enough supplies to really have some fun and be creative. Welzie will gather the kids in the local town center and start handing out the presents to all the kids who help him access walls and help paint.

“Painting murals in a community and having all the little kids wanting to help is so much fun. Seeing the kids so nervous to ask to try, then putting a brush in their hand and watching their face light up is the most rewarding part of the job.”
— Welzie

Giving back

The best part of traveling? giving back to the community that invites us in. Whether its a local school's front wall or a town center's ampetheater, there is nothing like some bright colors to help bring some positive energy to the place.

whelky street art

Street Art

Where's Welzie? Welzie has a unique way of bringing his art to the streets. It is kind of a non destructive form of street art where he is able to leave small originals in obscure spots for his fans to find and take home.


Sayulita Fish School

Welzie just walked right into the local elementary school in Sayulita, Mexico and asked if he could paint some fish on their front wall. After a few min of explaining his plan, they were off to the paint store. The town loved it and the kids enjoyed helping along the way.



Baja Mariachi

A small town in Baja now has Welzie murals on almost every street corner.. From the main street wall to the pueblo's town center, Welzie’s bright colors has helped make the town turn a little arty.



Local Community

Whether is donating art for a local charity or guest speaking and teaching, Welzie loves giving back to the communities that give him so much inspiration. He is always up for giving a little color for the community.