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Happy Art - Happy Home

Welzie is Hawaii's premiere resin surf artist, creating unique and whimsical pieces that combine abstract expressionism and beautiful imagery. His bright colors and free style approach are inspired from his passion for the ocean and wave riding. Welzie Art brings the aloha of Hawaii to your personal paradise. 

Art Studio Visits available by appointment. 808-638-0308 or welzieart@gmail.com


Happy Colors Happy home

Colors have a profound effect on humans and how we feel. Welzie believes that the right colors can transform any space into a positive place and bring that energy into your daily life.


Welzie Art Gallery Andaz, Maui

Andaz Maui and Welzie have collaborated to open a new Welzie Art Gallery and a unique Artist in Residency Program at the luxury resort. The new gallery will be showcasing exclusive artworks by Hawaii's premiere resin artist.

Visit Welzie's Art Studio

Come by and check out Welzie's art studio on Oahu's North Shore. Schedule a private visit with the artist in his creative space. 

  • Develope your custom commission piece with Welzie

  • Fun for the whole family

  • Same day appointments often available

  • Contact us by phone or email 808-638-0308 welzieart@gmail.com


Original Resin Art

Welzie has developed his technique over 15 years and is a pioneer in the adaptaion of surf material into fine art. His signature style of layering  until it becomes a finished piece is a craft he has mastered and created. 


Hand shaped from reclaimed surfboard blanks, these one of a kind, three dimensional life size creatures look stunning in any home or business. See the lengthy process and passion that brings these sculptures to life.


Fine Art Prints

Prints are an ideal way to weave color and theme into a room. We offer handmade silkscreened wood prints, matted prints, and limited edition fine art Giclees. An easy way to bring your favorite Welzie piece home.

Welzie Original Resin Art available throughout the Hawaiian islands

  • Welzie Art Gallery - Andaz Maui at Wailea

  • Wyland Gallery - Lahaina, Maui

  • Welzie Art Studio, Oahu’s North Shore

  • The Brightside Gallery - Hanapepe, Kauai

  • Aesthetic Hawaii - Waikoloa, Hawaii




"I believe the right piece of art has the ability to transform a house into a home, as it did for me as a child. My father is an artist and painted a giant wave landscape piece that hung in the living room. This piece quickly became the backdrop for all our family photos from Halloween as a kid to Prom Night as an awkward teenager. I can look back now and see how that particular piece became the centerpiece of our home. Art has the power to change how you feel, we naturally gravitated to that room because my father's painting cultivated feelings of happiness and joy in our family.


My style has evolved over the years just as I have evolved as a person. This can be seen through my choice of color and subject. Those who have watched the last decade of my journey say, “Your colors are so much brighter and happier now!” I have to laugh and respond with the acknowledgement that “I am so much happier!” This is one of the reasons I am so passionate with the belief that colors can transform our mood and home into what we want! Color is such a powerful tool, I am so grateful and honored to share the feelings that translate with each piece I create."