Shark Attack at The Banzai Skate Park North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


    Watching the graffiti battle at the Banzai Skateboard Park on Oahu’s North Shore for over a year, it was time for an upgrade as we welcome the Vans Triple Crown coming to town. The tagged walIs can be seen from my studio, thus I have a little knowledge of rhythm and flow of the public park along Kamehameha Hwy. Felling inspired, I grabbed a few things laying around my studio and went on a shark attack to work on a beautiful evening in Hawaii.

     After Loading up the basket on the bike I peddle to the skate park in less than 30 seconds. It was enough time to think how lucky I was the full moon was rising. Arriving I went to work, buffing the low wall a dark blue took about 45min. I didn't feel bad about covering the layers of tagged and unplanned scribbles of graffiti, shoots I wish I could meet them and have the help.          

   Back home at the studio I switch paint and made dinner while the blue background drys. By 9 the sharks were getting outlined and  filled in. Even though it was dark, I could tell the contrast with the dark blue background and the light blue sharks in the foreground were going to look good. But of course the paint underneath wasn't completely dry so  there is some weird color blends showing though, but I don't mind it, Freestyle. 

     By now it’s 10 pm. Studio. Switch Paint. Water.  I’m getting tired, probably was the second surf. 30 min later of freestyle black mixing: red, brown, green ,and a tiny bit of black I “borrow” from my wife’s paints. It’s after my bed time but I’m outlining the sharks, adding teeth, eyes and making them smile. This is when all the personality comes together. Why not make them happy right? Two sharks are left without teeth as I run out of black. It’s after midnight, probably too old to be sitting in the dirt painting sharks, but the skate park looks pretty good. The response from the community has been nothing but positive. I just figured a fun quick project would be an improvement.


    A couple of days later I return with some white and black to fill in the teeth, eyes and outlines. This really makes the sharks pop. Doing this during the day was pretty mellow, a couple kids were stoked. Best of all, the “Shark Attack” only took just over a gallon of paint and 4 colors. If you enjoy painting I recommend doing a mural It’s super fun. Get Creative.



My favorite little guy. His mouth ended up being the drain pipe for the park. It kinda looks like he is puckering his lips.


What I Used


1. Dark Blue - Buffed Background 3/4 gallon

2. Light blue - 1 quart

3. White - 8 oz

4. Black 12 oz


1 Roller

1 1” Paint brush for black

1 4” Paint brush for Light Blue

1 Paint Tray

1 Dixie Cup


4 Hours