2018 Pipeline Body Surf Championships - North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii



The 2018 Pipeline Body Surf Championships are put on by the North Shore Lifegaurd Association and provide an amazing event for all the Bodysurf enthusiasts. I have been honored again to make the trophies for the finalists, always true waterman who know how to ride the tube at the most deadly surf spot in the world. 

I love Body Surfing. Having my art studio 20' from the sand at the beach where the world famous Banzai Pipeline is a dream come true. I have been able to score so many days of perfect barrels while I wait for paint to dry. Friends would stop by and within 1 min we would be getting tubed in the warm Hawaiian water. So making an awesome trophy is important to me.

Last year trophies were all original artwork, with the first place trophy being a 18x24 original resin art all framed up. With such an awesome trophy like that it was going to be hard to make something more fun.

I had been thinking about the idea since last year and I finally decided I would do while i was snowboarding and thing for a new fun side project. A fiberglassed fin would be the 2018 trophy. a Full fiberglass and resin sculpture fort the winner. 

It took a while to make and it was so hard to sand but eventually I got it done. 

After making some custom prints for 2-6 we decided the design was super cool and everyone should have a chance to take one of these home. We did a limited edition print run of 50.